TOGAF Consulting Framework

First published in 1995, TOGAF was based on the US Department of Defense Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM). From this sound foundation, The Open Group Architecture Forum has developed successive versions of TOGAF at regular intervals and published them on The Open Group public web site.

TOGAF Consulting Framework Services We Offer:

Business architecture

Describes the processes the business uses to meet its goals. Business Architecture primarily focuses on the business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together.

Application architecture

Describes how specific applications are designed and how they interact with each other.Develop the Target Application Architecture that enables the Business Architecture and the Architecture Vision, while addressing the Request for Architecture Work and stakeholder concerns

TAGOF Categories of Skills

Generic Skills

typically comprising leadership, teamworking, inter-personal skills, etc.

Enterprise Architecture Skills

typically comprising modeling, building block design, applications and role design, systems integration, etc.

Project Management Skills

typically comprising managing business change, project management methods and tools, etc

TAGOFProficiency Levels


Not a required skill though should be able to define and manage skill if required.


Understands the background issues sufficiently to be able to understand how to proceed further.


Detailed knowledge o subject area and capable o providing professional advise and guidance.


Extensive and substantial practical experience and applied knowledge on the subject.


  • Architecture Board Members
  • Architecture Sponsor
  • IT Architecture Manager
  • IT Architects for:
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Business Architecture
    • Data Architecture
    • Applications Architecture
    • Technology Architecture
  • Program and/or Project Managers
  • IT Designer
  • And many others ...

The Foundation Architect

The Foundation Architect has the responsibility for architectural design and documentation at a technical reference model level. The Foundation Architect often leads a group of the System and/or Industry Architects related to a given program. The focus of the Foundation Architect is on enterprise-level business functions required.

The System Architect

The System Architect has the responsibility for architectural design and documentation at a system or subsystem level, such as management or security. A System Architect may shield the Foundation Architect from the unnecessary details of the systems, products, and/or technologies. The focus of the System Architect is on system technology solutions

The Organization Architect

The Organization Architect has the responsibility for architectural design and documentation of specific organizations. An Organization Architect re-uses the output from all other architects. The focus of the Organization Architect is on enterprise-level business solutions in a given domain, such as finance, human resources, sales, etc.