Reporting Services

At BLC, we empower organizations to meet the challenges that come with data analysis and reporting. To run your business and operations smoothly, you are required to collect the right data, analyze it and extract insightful information from it. Data is of no real value if it cannot be converted into meaningful information. With Reporting Services, BLC offers integrated services which includes converting business data into rightful information for making better decisions.

BLC engages several reporting tools to collect and analyze company data and provide our clients with graphs, dashboards and charts to be used in reporting and decision making process by Sr. Management of the organization. Static reports quickly become redundant and are easily ignored. Therefore, we bring to you interactive BI dashboards which enable your business to become data driven. With this you get the real-time information and everyone is on the same page while you make important business decisions.

Our tools are highly efficient in working on complicated and large amount of data. We imply Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and server tools to provide comprehensive as well as detail oriented reports and dashboards. Our reports reflect in-depth analysis and gives customized view of the business from diverse points.

With creative and interactive reporting services, your business can achieve much required growth than you anticipate. The benefits of BLC Reporting services are:

  •     Customized Reports
  •     Interactive Dashboards
  •     Highly developed and technical tools to handle complicated data
  •    Real-time Updates
  •    Error-free meaningful business information


Our comprehensive user experience design services support application development across various personas, environments, user interface types, device types, and interface development technologies.


Our application maintenance services help enterprises continue to derive operational efficiency
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