Product Development process

Our Software Product Development Team believes in providing high-quality product development services. We follow a highly collaborative approach to develop software products. We, at The Digital Group, provide innovative ideas,
keep pace with customers' expectations, and incorporate new architectures and technologies to offer software product development solutions.

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Software Design

Once the feasibility study is completed, the developers decide the road map of their design plan. System analysis is done and the best software model is selected for the project. Software design is basically the blue print of the application.


During this phase, the software engineers start writing the code as per the client’s requirements. This is the longest phase of the software product development process, and requires allotment of tasks to several software engineers in the team.


This phase involves findings bugs or defects in the created software. The functionality of an application is checked against the requirements of the client. Detailed testing is done by test engineers at various stages of programming,
like module testing, program testing, in-house testing etc.


The next important step is the documentation of the internal design of the software for future references and for the improvement of software in the development process. Documentation consists of information on how to use the software and how to keep it operational. API or Application programming interface is written during the design documentation.


Once the product is tested and made bug-free according to the requirements, it is installed or deployed at customer’s place for their use. If required, the customers or users are trained on, and documented material is provided to them.


Software maintenance is done for future reference. When the customers start using the software or product, they may encounter certain hidden bugs or problems that need to be solved from time to time. This is done by the maintenance team.