eFile Management System

eFile is one of the most important component that constitute the eOffice application. It is a workflow based product for enabling an end to end electronic file movement across the Government. Using eFile, user can create electronic files, add notings in the files, create draft for approvals and attach correspondences in an easy and user friendly way.

eFile – Main modules

  • Electronic diarization of inward letters and files.
  • Electronic Movement of receipts and files with Digital Signature.
  • Dispatch of letters.
  • Setting Due Dates and Reminders.
  • Queries and Reports
  • Migration Module
  • Creation of Drafts for approval and final issue.

Use Cases for eFile Management Systems Reduce Your Costs

eFile Management Systems Reduce Your Costs

you can reduce your needed storage space. Storage space accounts for massive amount of office and facility square footage. By going paperless, you can reduce the filing cabinets, room, and possibly entire floors that you have dedicated to paper storage. With a well-designed document management processes, you can reduce the number of staff that you utilize to retrieve and find patient files

Increase Security and Maintenance

Benefit to a eFile management software is that every action taken with your documents will be recorded with the employee’s ID and a date and time stamp. You are able to designate who has authority to view documents and what actions they can take. For example, the billings department can be restricted to the documents that pertain to billings.

Reduce Errors and Increase Your Capacity Through Faster Processing

Typically paper documents must be hand-carried between individuals, departments, and buildings for processing. This workflow can take hours—or, in some cases, days—to accomplish. Through an electronic document management system, these same documents can be assigned to the correct individuals or departments for processing and approval in seconds.

Create and Retain Happier Patients

Take advantage of all of these benefits. As your facility spends less time on document management and is able to reduce the amount of time for regular operational functions, your staff will be able to focus more completely on your patients. This will result in happier patients with more accurate records.

Make Easy Transitions

It will allow you to more easily take incremental steps which will reap immediate benefits to a workflow system, without making it a large project. Most healthcare providers chose to implement their management system in phases. This allows them to realize the immediate benefits and start taking advantage of additional features over time.


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