Document management system

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? What if it didn’t matter?
BLC DMS organizes everything based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it's saved or which version is the right one.Our Document Management Software licensing, implementation and support packages are affordable for small, medium and large organizations alike.

The tracking is easy and reduces paper work and provides you with history tracking of documents. It combines document and content capture, workflow, file repositories, and information retrieval systems. Ox-Dox, our in-house DMS, provides all the above functions.

By bringing all of your files / documents and records into one centralized repository, KRYSTAL DMS will:

  •    Organize, catalog, and index every document, electronic file, and record for easy retrieval.
  •    Generate new trends& correct negative trends through reports
  •    Automatically apply the proper security to your documents and records.
  •    Log every action taken on every record, documenting that your processes are being followed.
  •    Access right document at the right time, and leverage content for effective outcomes.


Our comprehensive user experience design services support application development across various personas, environments, user interface types, device types, and interface development technologies.


Our application maintenance services help enterprises continue to derive operational efficiency
& automationbenefits from their business applications with ongoing application enhancement and maintenance services.


We help our clients protect their custom application and software investments by providing timely transitions to modern technology platforms,
practices and paradigms in a manner that reduces their technology, design and roadmap risks.

Product Features

IoT Cloud connects all your data from the Internet of Things to the rest of Salesforce for better
insights and real-time customer actions.

Document Access

Simple & Quick Access. No chaotic folder structures

Document Retreival

Powerful & Intutive. Search content and meta-data

Document Security

Gain Peace of Mind. Robust & Flexible Permissions

Device Independent

Universal Access from your Favorite Device

Version Control

Collaborate & Track Multiple Versions

Document Workflow

Automate processing from capture through archival.

Document Sharing

Safe & Secure. Share document directly

Expiry & Notifications

Define document expiry & get Notifications