Data Services

BLC provide businesses with valuable information that is used to enhance products, derive insights, and inform consumers. While the method in which customers access data has evolved over the years, businesses have come to depend on the timely delivery of accurate information for critical aspects of their products and backend systems.
Data services are software services that encapsulate operations on key data entities of relevance to the enterprise.

Keep Your Data Services Platform Open :

For true agility in your data services, you can't lock your IT platform into the requirements of a particular vendor or proprietary protocols. BLC helps you ensure data services agility by using open standards like JDBC, SOAP, and WSDL that facilitate interoperability among heterogeneous systems.

Extend to Meet New Data Services Needs :

data services platform easily extends with modular components for data quality management, master data management, and business management process development. With BLC, you can start with sharply focused data services and optionally expand to global data services as your needs require.

Scope of data services

Data services scope include various manipulations on data entities, aggregation of data across multiple disparate data sources, a facility to consume data interfaces from a variety of platforms using a variety of transport protocols, mapping between logical interface with physical provider interfaces, and graceful error handling of data service errors.

Data services development

Once the contracts are determined, the data orchestration is designed in order to implement the contract. The data orchestration will consist of modular data service provider components being executed in sequence, in parallel, or a combination of both. This step in ten development process will decide exactly what calls are needed, in what order, which calls can be made concurrently, and which ones have dependencies on prior ones etc.

Data services consumption patterns

Computing environment: data services could be consumed from a plethora of platforms. Majority of consumers will use the following: .NET common language runtime (CLR), java virtual machine runtime (JRE), mainframe system, and Unix/Linux. The bottom line is that the computing environment could be any one from which a web service call can be executed; a message to a reliable queue can be sent or received.