Enterprise Mobile Application

Spreading the right information is the key to thrive in business. Quick and accurate information can affect the outcomes of any business enormously. Its effect is so profound and far-reaching that it has the potential to change everything. The idea in question is mobility. The new era we live and work in, continuously redefines business and its fundamentals about how things work. Therefore, the company that is among the first to embrace this technology will gain a tremendous advantage and leave the competition in its wake.

Irrespective of the industry, business function or process, in your company can benefit from better access to enterprise apps and data through mobile management solutions. With Smart-phones already in use by every worker, mobile computing will drive transformative business value in this transition. Business application vendors having experience and understanding of the business and application processes; know the role mobility plays in business alteration. They are aware of its impact on an industry level to help you capitalize on opportunities big and small.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Enterprise mobility has transformed the way businesses engage with their customers, partners, and staff. It uses innovative applications that enhance and accelerate the exchange of critical information. However, mobile applications are only part of the overall solution. Integration with existing systems in a scalable manner is equally important and challenging.

We use Android platform for our application to influence the capabilities of the mobile device.Module is leveraged to expose web services outside the security system. Web services can be generated using pre-built packages or custom packages to enable required performance of the mobile application. A middle layer is introduced to ensure security and mobile device management capabilities. This layer ensures that the application is not exposed to outside the firewall to protect the system and its data.

Once web services for requisite functions are exposed, mobile client application can be developed using multiple options: native, cross-platform and mobile web. The technology used depends on business requirements for usability, functionality, and the long-term technology roadmap.

  •    Effectively prioritizing projects.
  •    Resources Management for optimizing resources.
  •    Improve visibility into the health of the project & its performance.
  •    Cost Effective Product Portfolio.
  •    Optimized IT Roadmap.
  •    Team of experts to design and develop Solutions.
  •    Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case.
  •    Integrate portfolio management with market analysis, gap analysis, competitor analysis,requirements management and release planning.
  •    Continually monitor progress and allocate and reallocate resources to projects.
  •    Enforce their own process for evaluation and selection of projects, products, features, and markets.
  •    Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case.


Our comprehensive user experience design services support application development across various personas, environments, user interface types, device types, and interface development technologies.


Our application maintenance services help enterprises continue to derive operational efficiency
& automationbenefits from their business applications with ongoing application enhancement and maintenance services.


We help our clients protect their custom application and software investments by providing timely transitions to modern technology platforms,
practices and paradigms in a manner that reduces their technology, design and roadmap risks.