Customer Complain Redressal

Customer Complaints Management Solution provides a single unified Case Management based framework that can help in capturing, recording, tracking, escalation and resolution of complaints across the organization. It helps in facilitating collaboration between departments while providing a single view of individual cases for efficient decision making and prompt action. The Case workers get contextual information and insights on related cases at the right time which helps in fast tracking the resolution process.

  • Notifications: Create business rules to notify the appropriate person or group(s) each time a new complaint is received
  • Confirmations: If desired, the system can send a confirmation email to the customer or employee who logged the complaint
  • Assignments: Create business rules to automatically assign cases and notify the assignee or manually assign cases and notify the assignee
  • Reminders: Set task or action due dates with reminders
  • Closure Notices: Create business rules to notify individuals or groups of case closure


  • Creates complaints from 3rd party systems
  • Automatically looks up related complaints
  • Notifies affected departments and people
  • Information pertaining to products, customers and patients is automatically loaded into the system

Complaint Management software

  • Respond quickly and accurately to customer requests
  • Quickly enter and prioritize complaints
  • Use workflow to assign cases that need follow-up
  • Identifies opportunities (training, product improvement, etc.)

Key features

  • Case Management lends flexibility to the solution
  • Unified case file interface for access to data and documents
  • Creates secured vault of information
  • Access to contextual information during the decision process
  • Cloud storage on secure servers
  • Capture audit trails & logs